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broken clock
why can't I just be healed
frustrated waiting to heal. i just want time with my troy. just want real life. to be married to work come home normal simple life. i just want time anyway I can till then. ...... why doesn't he get that. id rather be doing anything with him then anything else. rather be texting him over anyone else, rather be gaming with him then alone, rather be doing a anything involving him over anything else. craive hem sae much. aching fur full life. yes every day is closer but wanna fast forward to the healed and married part of life. guess some weeks are easy and some are hard.

my gf attitude
my gf attitude *maganda *sexy *yummy *mabango *mabait *sobrang malambing *sumpungin *palaaway *palaging tama *matigas ang ulo *matulungin *pamag mahal sa pamilya at higit sa lahat mahal na mahal ako. ako na pinaka maswerteng nilalang dahil ako pinili niyang mahalin. ramdam ko secured ako sakanya which i never felt in my entire relationship

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Monday, March 30, 2015. Chaos and violence continue, the Secretary of Defense announces another deployment of US troops to Iraq, militias rejoin the fight for/on Tikrit, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon notes the allegations of human rights abuses (War Crimes) carried out by Iraqi forces, Iran claims two of their military advisors were killed by a US drone attack, and much more. Earlier today, AP reported that Iran's Revolutionary Guard was insisting 2 of their members in Iraq were killed by US drone in or around Tikrit on March 23rd. Al Jazeera adds, "The US defence department has denied claims that it killed two Iranian advisers in drone strikes in Iraq earlier this month, telling Al Jazeera it had no role in the area during the time of their deaths." The outlet quotes an official with the Pentagon stating, "Coalition forces initiated airstrikes near Tikrit on March 25, two days after the alleged incident occurred and no airstrikes were conducted... (more)

Brief Introductio
n Of Quarry Crusher

Crusher according to the categories can be divided into medical crusher and mining crusher.The medical quarry crusher is mainly used for crushing, generally use the way to break stones, such as resonance to avoid the various risks of surgery. Working principle of the different types of quarry crusher Quarry Crusher is mainly completed by impact energy and broken material operation. quarry crusher is working, the motor drives the rotor high-speed rotation, the material into the quarry crusher chamber evenly and high-speed rotary quarry impact, cut apart the material to the material being broken, at the same time, the material's own gravity makes material from the high-speed rotating quarry head to the body panel, screen, at the bottom of the rotor and sieve plate and grinding material is less than the screen hole size in grade Through the sieve plate, is greater than the screen hole size of material resistance continues to hit by the quarry on the sieve plate and grinding. ... (more)

Truth in Love
Crisis In the Church
Link: Crisis in the Church Preacher: Glenn Meldrum Source: The evangelical church in the west is experiencing a major crisis; a crisis that that goes to the core of its identity and the majority of people involved don’t even know it exists. What is the crisis I am speaking about? – The redefining of what it means to be Christian. More specifically, how a person becomes a believer and then how one is to live in this world. Through a slow process of redefining what it means to be “Christian,” we have forsaken the faith defined in the Scriptures. Instead, we have substituted a pop cultural, politically correct version that advocates a deceptive form of tolerance and an unbiblical concept of inclusiveness. This is another gospel, an anti-Christian religion. Let me give a couple of examples. After 15 years of pastoring the Lord called my wife and I to be evangelists.... (more)

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